Dogs - Dogs That Attack Essay

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Dogs that Attack
We were visiting Alexis’s family and her brother’s girlfriend had just found out she was pregnant, so we were celebrating. We were all sitting around chatting and their dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was curled up right next to Alexis. She was a great dog, loving and fabulous with children. Then suddenly without any warning. The dog was on top of Alexis and bites the side of her face and then went to her mouth. She tore some flesh from her face when we finally pulled her off. There was a lot of blood everywhere. We took her to the hospital as fast as we can. The next day they put fifty stitches in her face and the day after that she was sent home. It took her a long time to heal, but for two years she had nightmares of the dog and the attack. Nobody really knows why the dog attacked Alexis but they had to put the dog down. It took us awhile to tell Alexis that we had to put the dog down because she really loves dogs and it broke her heart. She says she feels guilty, but she knows that it was not her fault. Alexis was sitting between the owner and the dog then so the dog was probably just being protective. Even though people might think it was an accident, I believe the dog attacked because she was abused or not giving that much attention. Dogs attack because they have been abused and neglected, common dog breeds that attack are usually Pitbull’s, cocker spaniels and Rottweilers, and the people they attack usually end up getting plastic surgery.
Why do…

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