Does Race Affect The Way Of Capital Punishment? Essay

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Since its creation capital punishment has been a hot political issue. It has almost single handedly divided the United States on what is best to do with criminals who commit the most heinous crime, murder. For years capital punishment has been associated with injustice in the criminal justice system. With the enormous numbers of black or other minorities being sent not only to prison but, to prison for murder cases, with little numbers of whites being given the death penalty. When it comes to attitudes towards capital punishment in murder cases there are a lot of factors that could be taken into account but, which is the strongest. This study seeks to show that race is. The purpose of my study is to see if race has an effect on attitudes towards capital punishment in murder cases controlling for sex. I will be using the General Social Survey for my data and chi-square statistics to test my theory. My hypothesis is that whites are more likely to favor capital punishment in murder cases than blacks or any other race. Sex as a control matters because I also believe that white males are more likely to favor capital punishment than men or women of any other race.
Literature Review In my first article “The Racial Divide in Support for the Death Penalty: Does White Racism Matter” the research question addressed is why racist whites may be more likely to support capital punishment. The data being used is taken from the 2000 National Election Survey. (NES) The NES uses…

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