Does Living On Campus Or Off Campus? An Impact Of How Students Finance Their Leisure Activities While Attending

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My research question is the following: Does living on-campus or off-campus has an impact of how students finance their leisure activities while attending MUN?

My interview procedure had a good atmosphere, it had a good flow with all three of the interviewers and it was easy to carry along and get more information that made it more interesting. I did not exceed the time give for any of the three interviews and the three persons I interviewed were pretty open to talk about their experiences in their past and current places of residence. The last person I interviewed did not want her name put in the project and I respected that since is one of the ethic agreements I was working with, she had no trouble giving me her age and place of residence or talk about her experiences living in both residence and off-campus.


By doing the interviews I came to the conclusion that my hypothesis was wrong. My hypothesis was that students would spend more money on leisure activities while living off-campus. But my interviewers said the completely opposite of that. All three of my interviews said that living on-campus is a way to spend more money on leisure activities because you are always on the go and there are always people willing to go do this activities with you. Now I will give a quote from one of the interviews; “They do, friends living in residence are always on the go every day. There are different activities and different people to hangout with. People living off…

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