Does Identity Contingencies Affect More Than Just One Race Or Minority?

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Does identity contingencies negativity impact more than just one race or minority? Identities contingencies are circumstances which a person has to deal with according to his or her social identities. It play a huge roles in our lives and society. Stereotype threat is a contingency of identity threat that is either a threat or a restriction. Individual are under suspicion constantly having to prove themselves to society stereotypes. This is because anything people do that fit society stereotype could be seen as confirming the stereotype. Identity contingency can negatively impact an individuals and society in the following way emotional behavior, academic and athletic.
First, stereotypes tied to identity contingencies can cause a person emotional and physical pain which may also lead to negative impact on the individual’s performance. According to Steele “identity threat is a diffuse-- as I’ve said, like a snake loose in the house” (71). Steele is saying that identity threat can be distributed anywhere and whenever. When that threat is out it will require constant monitoring and make a person feel like they can be attacked at any moment. This demonstrates the ideas of how much a person identity threat can impact a person 's life. Thurston is an example of that he stated “I was actively involved in the black community but it wasn’t the core source for, like, my full identity and I felt as comfortable hanging out with the kids at the newspaper, hanging out with the kids with…

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