Racial Stereotypes In Sport

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During the last 50 years of competition, Black athletes have become a dominating force in the sport of Track and Field. Olympic track star Usain Bolt, a black athlete, is the fastest man on earth and currently holds the world record time for the fastest 100-meter dash; it is likely that it will never be broken. Through the recent growth of Black dominance in Track, various stereotypes have come about pertaining to both Black and White athletes. Typically, the stereotype states that white athletes are not as fast as Black athletes and simply cannot match up in a race. This stereotype pits the two races against each other and causes a divide to occur through the use of stereotype threat. Stereotype threat is a process that “occurs when knowledge of a specific stereotype about a social group leads to less-than-optimal performance by members of that group” (Beilock & McConnell, 2004). Basically, when a group becomes aware of a negative stereotype they tend to do worse in the task they are trying to perform. Previous research studies have focused on the effects of how these stereotypes influence performance in monoracial athletes, however, no research has been done pertaining to biracial athletes and the consequences that occur when they are faced with these ideals in athletics. Our topic …show more content…
Through our research we hope to uncover the truth about the degree to which biracial athletes are, or are not, affected when being racially primed in a way that is supposed to disadvantage them in the world of sports. Moreover, we hypothesize that by priming Black-White biracial athletes with the identity that is disadvantageous in a specific sport, there will be a decline in their athletic

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