Do Your Own Work!!!!! Essay

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As instructors, we’ve seen students doing things during class other than paying attention to class discussion or taking notes. These things range from reading a newspaper or magazine to text messaging, answering phone calls or just talking to a friend. This is distracting not just to instructors, but to others in the class.

Being able to take good notes, and to be a good student overall as well as being successful in your career, primarily involves good listening skills. We want to teach you things that will contribute to you being a person and a professional of good quality. We want you to be respected by other people. If you show people that you are a quality person, they will respect you more and you will achieve
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The more reliable you are in listening, the better you will perform in school and the better the job recommendation your instructors can provide. In a job this is important because the more your bosses or coworkers know that they can depend on you, the more responsibility you will be entrusted with and the further you will go in your career.

As instructors, we have all been told by students that, “I can do this and listen at the same time!” or “I already know this, so I’m bored,” or “I don’t need to know this for my future career, so I don’t need to pay attention.” The bottom line is not listening is not fair to everyone, including yourself, and here’s why:

1. As teachers, we need to know if you’re really listening. The only way we can do that is if we can see your face and your reaction to what we’re saying.

2. While you may believe you can “multi task” and do something else during a lecture, the truth is many students do not do it well and they miss hearing something important. Also, they often wind up being a distraction to those around them.

3. You show a lack of respect for your instructor and your classmates. The time an instructor must spend getting your attention back, as well as refocusing everyone’s attention on the class is time wasted by the instructor as it means

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