Do We Need Art In Our Lives Essay

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Rutvi Zalawadia
Miss Alexis Long
18 October 2015
Do we need Art in Our Lives?
Art comes from a relationship between an artist and audience. The greater part of us consider human expressions to incorporate the abstract expressions: fiction, imaginative stories about life, poetry, drama, dance, movie, theater and film, and the visual expressions. They incorporate painting, figure, blended media, and art. Most people have an appreciation for art. They enjoy observing it or creating it. There are many people who support art in some or the other way. It is as old as humankind. We use art in our daily activities such as at office, in school, or even at home. Almost all cultures follow art. The ceremonies ritual is all art. It gives satisfaction
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Art assists us to understand the reality of life. I think art is a natural part of life. It gives meaning to something. It is natural part of oneself. Art is something that records the emotion. One paints what is in his/her mind. People write their emotion onto canvas or paper and express it to the world. Art is a way of communication. It gives us a different insight into our history. It shows us how those events impacted the people living. Through art we learn the joy felt during times of happiness and we see the pain and despair during times of suffering. We see the hopes and the dreams, or the fears and regrets of the past. Through art we gain a better understanding of how the events throughout history have shaped us into what we are today ("Why we all"). For example there are many acts about some famous personality. It is art that helps us to see insight of a person. A person acting mimics and understands the personality of a person he is going to act. The expressions, the way of dressing, and way of walking. Every small detail makes a difference and helps reader to understand. Art has very strong impact on a …show more content…
At the most fundamental level it can mix us to appreciation. Be that as it may, it can likewise stir the imaginative basic in us. As individuals, made in the picture of our Creator, we need to accomplish more than just deliver. We need to make, to express, to offer life to the thoughts inside us. The cool thing is that imagination works like a muscle; the more we utilize it, the more grounded it gets(“Why we All”). Art is essential thing to learn to take a break from a stressful life. There are no barriers in art, it is universal. By observing the creations of people from other cultures we can gain a better understanding of their lives. Through art we are able to get a glimpse of another person 's existence through their eyes. It is a powerful tool that can improve communication and relationships between cultures. There are many general requirements courses in college that helps to develop one’s understanding. These courses helps in developing a personality, and a mean communication. A person can communicate through language of art. there was time when there were no languages, people used to communicate through symbols and drawings. At this time too there are multiple languages, artist usually communicate with the language of art. Many artists tell stories through acting, dance, drama,

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