Essay on Do Violent Video Games Make a Person Violent?

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Do Violent Video Games Make A Person Violent? Violent video games have been evolving for years. The first violent video game to ever be released was Death Race made in 1976 (Suddath). This game brought a controversy that would follow all video games for years to come. Although many people say that violent video games cause a person to become violent, many people will argue that violent video games do not cause a person to be violent. Both sides of the “violent-video-game” argument, examples to both points being made, and who should not play violent video games will be analyzed or examined in order to determine the effects of gaming. First, many people believe that violent video games do not cause violence. People believe that …show more content…
People who argue that violent video games are bad, often bring up the fact that violent video games give gamers the option on killing people, how to kill a person, when to kill a person, or an explanation on why killing a person is a good thing. People consider violent video games as when a person is allowed to kill a human, but what about when a person is able to kill, maim, hurt, or dismember animals, such as the children’s game called Mindcraft? Kailey Rynne states:
These games have nothing in common except that they all require the player to mash a combination of buttons in order to attack something. I think there should be a dialogue about violence in video games, but I hope we can all agree that slapping the “violent” label on any game that involves killing or maiming is not the way to go.
And of course it’s only killing and maiming human beings that makes a game violent. Massacring space aliens, orcs, Pokemon, robots, zombies – that’s all perfectly fine. Natural, even. Many games give gamers the opportunity to have freewill. “Free roam capability games” allow people to commit crime, run from the police to escape consequences of their actions, and, in the new Grand Theft Auto game, go into strip clubs to degrade women. People say that games like these have too much freewill. If there is freewill in a game, then why should a person have to be 17 in order to obtain a rated M game? Many teenagers, 14 and up,

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