Do Violent Video Games Cause People? Essay

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Do violent video games cause people to be violent
The APA (American Psychological association) has been researching whether violent video games can lead to committing crimes or violence. They have been doing research over this topic for over two decades now. They have found that violent video games can lead to increased aggression but they don 't specify what that means, they only said that it can increase aggression but not giving an exact example could mean that it 's only very minimal or not even relevant to what most would consider aggression. They have said that there research for whether or not the games can lead to criminal behavior is very limited because they can 't let people commit crimes while watching them. The APA said, “As far as being able to test criminal behavior we are very limited simply because we can 't let people commit crimes”. In over 150 papers of research they have concluded that playing violent video games can lead to “aggressive behavior” and lead to a decrease in “prosocial behavior, empathy and sensitivity to aggression”. They also found that not the games alone can be a reason for why the way they acted changed, It was also due to some other factors that could have been affecting them such as, antisocial behavior, delinquency, depression and trouble at home. The research they have done in unlikely to stop the questioning people have for whether or not the games do affect people, given that over 90 percent of kids play games and 85 percent of…

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