Do Measures Keep The Alcohol Related Violence? Essay

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Issue: Do measures need to be taken to curb ‘alcohol related’ violence?

Following recent legislations in New South Wales aimed at curbing the prevalent issue of alcohol related violence, controversy has arisen surrounding its legitimacy and the appropriate measures necessary. In her Canberra Times article, Dr Jennifer, a Research Fellow contends that in Australia, there is an observable link between between alcohol and violence, hence why it is imperative for action to be taken to limit or dissuade alcohol consumption. By contrast, in his online article featured on, Tad Tietze mitigates the severity of this unfounded issue, making the claim that it is undeserving of such overly precautionary action by the authority. The image embedded in Tietze’s article, depicting a crowd of civilians protesting the restrictions on their nightlife, is aligned with his view that these laws imposed by the government impinges on our principle of freedom. As exhibited in the issues herein, there is sure to be ensuing debate, given that this conflict between the protection of society and oppressive regulations is pervasive and entrenched in our society.

Throughout her article, Pilgrim sets out to dramatize the prevalence of alcohol fuelled violence, which in doing so, substantiates for readers the need for precautionary action by the government. Forging a provocative yet considered style, she initially engages her reader by inciting alarm in them while simultaneously assuring them…

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