Essay on Do I Look Like Public Enemy Number One?

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America is the nation where everyone can is treated fairly and equally. However, this cliché is only to mask how America continually segregates and discriminate against minorities. The use of television shows, media, and other sources have spread the idea how people of a certain ethnic group act. In particular, this happens to people of dark skin color. As a person who is mixed in ethnicity, but has a darkish skin color, I have seen how the ideology that is spread by American culture has affected me personally. The news and social media stereotypes that people of darker skin are inferior to people with white skin color, which affects many people in America each day. The media can certainly have an effect on how people see another group of people. In Lorraine Ali essay “Do I Look like Public Enemy Number One?”, she states that “all Americans knew of the Middle East came from television and newspapers… that entire race of people was being judged by its most violent individuals,” (Ali 46). People were judging her because media such as television and newspapers only showed Arab’s as violent and terrorist. Ali was being judged because of a few individuals of her ethnicity. A similar thing happens to other minority groups. The media provides the stereotype of the typical individual of that ethnicity, and some people treat everybody of that ethnicity as if all people belong to that group fit that stereotype. The media sets the tone for discrimination and segregation in American…

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