Essay on Dna And Rna And The Translation Of Rna

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Transforming Genetic Material To E. Coli Using Plasmids Proteins are created within the body through a process known as central dogma. This process is the transcription of DNA to RNA and the translation of RNA to proteins. The type of protein created relies on what type of messenger RNA or mRNA that was produced during the transcription of DNA. In our experiment, we looked at the specific LacZ gene that codes for beta-galactosidase, which is a protein/enzyme that can break down lactose into its constituent monosaccharrides, glucose and galactose. The amounts of proteins produced by this gene were observed to see what strain would yield the most. Each of the strains tested had a mutation that would affect protein production in a negative or positive way. Knowing the amount of protein being produced with each strain allows us to understand how each strain affects protein yield. If the amount of protein is significantly decreased this could be due to the mutation deleting or repressing a promoter or enhancer in lac operon. If the amount of protein is significantly increased this could be because the mutation caused a deletion of the repressor, which allowed for production to be going “unsupervised”. Other cases have been conducted by scientist to conclude similar results when tuning the expression levels of this protein. Erez Dekel and Uri Alon from the Weizmann Institute of Science performed the same experiment where they studied the lac system of Escherichia coli (E.…

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