Diversity Paper On Diversity And Diversity

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Molly Bender
World Art
Diversity paper Diversity The meaning of “Diversity” isn’t just about how individuals represent more than one origin, race, and religion. To me being diverse means accepting and respecting people for who they are, and not judging them based on their appearance. Each person is unique in their own way and every person will have their own individual differences. We have to accept one another. I think it would be good to explore other people’s heritage and culture in a positive manner and environment. It is good to learn and take in other cultures and religions. I know having confidence in something that is unfamiliar to someone is a struggle. The world is a very diverse place. People are coming from so many different places and different cultures that if you are not the same as the person next to you than there is no room for you to judge. You have not set foot in their shoes. Being diverse requires you to incorporate many different aspects on something. To me diversity also means being able to recognize values, backgrounds, skills, and experiences. It is important to use those differences to create a positive community and possibly even in the workforce. I think that it relates to equality as well; being able to treat everyone with respect. People today are motivated and pushed to learn, play, and work together regardless of color, gender, religion, and economic status. Many people allow their own personal beliefs and experiences, good or bad…

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