Diversity Is The State Of Having An Item Or Idea? Essay

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Diversity/SecondLife assignment
Diversity is the state of having an item or idea exist in different forms. In organizations, diversity is the state of having a workforce made up of different races and in extension different cultures. Companies must learn to appreciate the different types and aspects of diversity so as to use it as strength and a competitive advantage in the various industries they are operating in.
At any given time, the workforce in the organization is always diversified. Age is the first form of diversity in the organization. The employs in most cases often represent three to four generations. This different age bracket in organizations makes age diversity managers should appreciate. Secondly, people of all faiths work in the various organizations in the business world. This makes religion diversity managers should appreciate. Race is also a form of diversity in the workforce that should be appreciated by the management. However, some organizations have been racially segregative on how they treat their employees. Gender is also a form of diversity managers should appreciate enabling get the best workforce.
Managing diversity is important to businesses because it helps in developing human resource which is a key component of most organizations. Companies with diversified workforce get very different ideas on every issue because the different backgrounds they come from creating the different perspectives on issues. Diversity also creates growth among…

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