Essay on Diversity And Leadership Conference At The University Center

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The project that I had to participate in was getting involved in community activities and to get everyone to come out to the diversity and leadership conference. The purpose of this conference was to get everyone to come together and learn more about each other and also to get a better understanding of those from different backgrounds as well. The group that I was assigned to was group A which was the marketing team. My role in the group was to get everyone to come out and register for the diversity and leadership conference. Even though I was busy with my other classes, I still made a commitment to volunteer during the weekdays.

My first job was to talk to freshmen students about the conference and also trying to get them to come as well because it would’ve been a learning experience not only for me, but for them as well. The next job that I had to do was sit at the registration table at the university center, and mainly what I had to do was to talk about the conference, get people to register, and sell as much tickets as I could. I wasn’t able to sell any of my tickets but students did come over to the registration table to learn more about the conference even though no one registered. The following week I sat at the registration table again, and the day went really well even though I thought that it was going to be a slow day for me like the last time. I was only able to sell three tickets, but I’m glad that I was able to achieve to sell some of those tickets and it was…

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