Essay on Diversity And Diversity Within Organizations

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There is a reason there are still so many cultures in today’s small world. One would think that because today’s hyper-communicative world is so small, that the world would become a single, homogenous culture. But that is not the case. Despite the smallness of today’s world, culture and diversity thrive. The simple reason is that when people are different from each other, they struggle to get along. This reason is true for organisations. Diversity means people who are different from each other work together. Their differences and incongruences show and cause challenges that can bleed or benefit an organisation. Diversity within organisations creates issues that directly affect the health of the organisation.

Diversity refers to dissimilarities between people. The more dissimilar or different people are from each other, the more diverse they are. Diversity as discussed in this paper refers to any moderately significant point of difference between people such as gender, ethnicity, culture, value system, life experience, religion, or education level.

Diversity is a pertinent issue for organisations. First, diversity is pertinent because diversity is prevalent. Workforce diversity is currently a growing issue and is a key factor of change in workforces over the last few decades. For example, Queneau (2008) says “the most dramatic change in the U.S. labor force over the last 30 years has been the increase . . . of women in paid employment.” Carter, D’Souza, and Simpkins (2010)…

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