Workplace Diversity And Globalization Analysis

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1. Introduction
First of all, globalization has a very strong influence to human’s life. According to Ukpere (2011) explains that globalization is an intense and incredible power that cannot be denied, as it has conveyed positive features to some parts of the world, on the other hand it also has negative effects. The workplace is one of the examples that affected by globalization. To illustrate, globalization of work force grow and changes rapidly the working environment to be more diversity. For instance, race, ethnicity, society, religion, dialect, country of origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical capacities, occupation, and class. Where, these distinctions impact working connections among the workers (Jalad, n.d., ¶2).

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The Relationship between the Workplace Diversity and Innovation
The exchange of workplace diversity and innovation is a critical key to create number of innovations in order to be successful. In the business world, innovation is an association 's procedure for presenting new thoughts, work processes, philosophies, services and products (McLaughlin, 2014, ¶1). Additionally, globalization improves the innovations rapidly because people can get information from many sources, which help people to establish ideas (Archibugi & Iammarino,
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First, a company must establish laws to avoid discimination between the employees. For instance, a company cannot require AIDS testing to the employee to keep the confidencial of the employee (Edwards Buckingham, 2010). Besides, comapany should create a flexible practices or norms to make people adapt easier to the working environment. Researcher found in USA, employers with 50 or more employees, where 79 percent of employers allow them to change their arrival and departure time in order to make them work comfortably and efficiently (Blake-Beard, O 'Neill, Ingols & Shapiro, 2010). Equally important, a company has to provide a proper training to employees, in order to give people a better understanding about workplace diversity (Grant & Kleiner,

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