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Dissertation Proposal: An investigation of empathy and social problem solving among different bullying groups: A study of male prisoners.

A. Formulation of Research Question

‘What works’ research suggests that cognitive behavioural interventions produce the most effective recidivism results among offender populations. Therefore, it would be just to suggest that this type of intervention would be beneficial when reducing bullying and victimisation within the same population.

Cognitive deficits that are related to offending attitudes and behaviour include social problem solving (Freedman, Rosenthal, Donahoe, Schlindt and McFall, 1978), and empathy (Covell and Scalora, 2002) among others.

As bullying is an interaction with
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Prisoners will sign consent forms, briefly explaining the research and asking them to complete the study material in an individual interview, seated in appropriate rooms. Each prisoner will have identical time limits to complete the tests. Prisoners will be informed that their name and identification number is not required and to answer questions as honestly as possible. A debrief will explain the purpose of the study and offer support if participants require it, information will be given regarding bullying behaviour.

E. Ethics

Informed consent will be obtained prior to psychometric testing by requesting that participants sign a consent form. Participants will be given their own reference copy to keep. This form will explain who is conducting the research, why/how they have been chosen to participate, and how long participation will take. In addition, this form will cover issues regarding anonymity, which cannot be promised as researchers are aware who completed tests even though no name or identification number is recorded. Confidentiality is also limited as prison service employees have a duty to divulge sensitive information in order to protect individuals. Participants will be made aware of what would constitute sensitive information.

It will be clearly expressed that participation is voluntary and withdrawal at any time will receive no penalty. Participants will

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