Dissertation Proposal Essay

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Dissertation referral - Feedback Sheet.|
Mark awarded: 32% Refer. - (June 2013 board).|
||Action points:|
1.Introduction.Weighting: 15%|Marks will be awarded for:Over all coherence/justification Rationale for studyClear research question/hypothesisClear aims and objectivesBackground to subject area|You need to :1. focus on only one or two objectives for your study 2. focus on only one or two aims for your study3. revise/ clearly explain your rationale/ why you chose to carry out this work4. Clearly explain the background to the work |
2.Literature review.Weighting: 20%|Marks will be awarded for:Range of literature & appropriate use and review of literatureEvaluation and review of both
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identify clear aims and objectives for your research2. identify a clear research question which you can test3. carry out a review of different research methods, identifying the advantages/ disadvantages of each4. based on your review explain why you have chosen a case study and survey approach5. explain how you chose the questions to be included in your questionnaire, explain that you tested/ piloted the questions before producing the actual questionnaire6. carry out a questionnaire based survey, so that you can generate primary data for you to analyse7. identify the limitations of your research – based on: the limitations of the research methods you have chosen, the resources available to you, |
4.Analysis of results.Weighting 20%|Marks will be awarded for:Clear presentation of resultsAppropriate analytical interpretation of resultsApplication of results to research objectives, hypotheses research question and literatureAppropriate use of statistical methods and or qualitative data (where applicable)Appropriate synthesis and evaluation of research results, inferences and implication|You need to :1. carry out an analysis of your survey results (primary data), and also secondary data (obtained from literature review)2. identify issues raised by people who have responded to your survey3. try to identify relationships between responses to your survey e.g. male/ female – do more males use mobile

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