Essay about Disease Prevention And Health Promotion Initiatives

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Disease Prevention/Health Promotion Initiatives.
Chronic diseases and related illnesses are one of the major leading causes of death and disability in United States (U.S.) (CDC, 2014). Improving the nation’s health status is one of the major concerns and is requiring more attention. The treatments and management costs of chronic diseases are a financial burden and are causing negative impacts on the economic status as well. Around 75% of health care dollars are using to treat chronic diseases. (CDC, 2014). The federal government has taken the health issues into consideration and has taken initiatives to solve the healthcare problem. This paper explains the actions and strategies the federal government has taken through Affordable care act (ACA) for disease prevention and health promotion in United States.
Definition of the problem.
Chronic diseases lead to disabilities, low life expectancy and death. Chronic diseases need prolonged treatment time that leads to high health care cost. Stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and obesity are the major chronic diseases in the United States that are preventable by healthy lifestyle practices (CDC, 2014). According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) around 117 million adults suffer from one or more chronic conditions in 2012. In 2010, chronic diseases were seven of the top ten causes of death (CDC, 2014). Heart disease and cancer itself caused around forty-eight percent of deaths. In 2006, eighty-four…

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