Discussion Of The Process Used By Community Credit Union Essay

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1. Review the discussion of the process used by Community Credit Union to establish a “prime member” program. Outline the pro- and con- arguments for your organization creating such a program. If the advantages outweigh any disadvantages, what could your organization do to provide special benefits to its best customers? Map out a process for creating such a “prime customer” program. Be sure to identify
I have an auto sales and service business. The ‘prime member’ program is a very rewarding program. The major advantage of this program is that it creates customer loyalty. The negative argument for such a program is how to nominate a customer for an incentive. The company can offer special discounts or a free oil change to their best customer. The company can initiate a loyalty program in which a customer purchases three oil change the fourth one is free. The company can also benefit from creating a program called ‘Best customer of the month’.
• Who would be involved in developing the program,
All the employees will be involved in developing the program. I will involve the results of the surveys taken from the customers.
• Which customers would be eligible for the special benefits, and
The customers that are eligible for the special benefits are the regular customers. The customers should come every three months for an oil change. The customers should be doing regular servicing on their cars.
• A description of what such benefits might initially look like.
The benefits…

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