Discuss The Role, Roles And Requirements In The Hospitality Industry

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Table of contents:

2.1: Assess the staffing requirements of different hospitality industries.

2.2 Discuss the roles, responsibilities and qualification requirements for hospitality staff

3.1: Analyse operational, managerial and legislative issues resulting from recent developments affecting the hospitality industry.

3.2: Discuss the current image of the hospitality industry


As a specialist manager of an hospitality industry, I have incited this report, to sparkle light on the friendliness business. This report flourishes to give data those early and yearning for business people of the cordiality business who intends to ken the advantages and disadvantages of the Hospitality Industry. I have attempted to incorporate the
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The front desk officer is responsible for leading and assisting with hotel front office functions, primarily interacting with guests and facilitating hotel check-in and check-out procedures.The front desk officer requires exceptional customer service to guests. The individual alone, must have excellent management and communication skills. The Guests’ first impression is important to the front desk officer as it reflects their attitude towards others. The cultivating relationship between customer and employee is based on the customers …show more content…
Operational- Standard working strategies, sustenance security settlement requirements need levels of profit representative prospects recruitment and maintenance learning and improvement adaptable working workforce competency transferrable complacencies socio-social issues benchmarking e-trade outsourcing convenience, for example, human asset fund security.

Managerial- Key players in the friendliness business universal viewpoint the effect of business power execution administration quality certification and focal marking reacting to market compelling usage of nourishment.

Enactment and regulation Influence and effect of national and European enactment consistence with enactment. For instance: nourishment security, tips, least wage, working time order, livelihood visas, permitting, excitement, smoking, separation, vocation assurance.

3.2- Discuss the current image of the hospitality

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