Elysian Creative Case Study

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Charts 2.3 and 2.4 posed the data gathered from the respondents when asked whether they would avail the respective services or not. With graphic designing, 18 out of 21 answered that they needed it for their own purposes such as start-ups, and 15 answered that they will continually be availing of the said service for their future needs. These data gathered will be used for the trier and user percentage to get the annual market share.
Following the basic information collected, we then conducted an open-ended discussion on the preferences of the focus groups. The respondents were free to voice out their thoughts and perceptions on the different questions thrown at them. They were also presented with different concepts and graphics to stimulate
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In opportunities of repeat avails, the company should ensure proper rendering, even better than previous ones. Consistency doesn’t only mean rendering the service like before, but rendering the service even better than the previous. With every graphic design assigned, you can rely on the people behind the company to provide the best outputs.
Another quality expectation would be with regards to the responsiveness of the creative company. Equipped with proper customer service training, all the people behind Elysian Creatives, should be able to address the proper answers to the inquiries of potential clients and clients alike. Customers would expect that the partners of the business would be willing to assist in actual services as well. An example would be total assistance and oversight must be practiced by the partners towards the
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Potential clients who have not experienced the Elysian service would expect full guarantee of an effective and excellent output from the company. This will be brought about by the ability of the partners to gain their trust through confidence and humility combined. The partners should be able to assure them of the quality we can provide through their accredited projects, skills, workshops attended, and creative portfolios. Elysian Creatives will act upon the collection of these information, readily available to be accessed and known by potential clients for assurance.
In addition, courtesy is also vital. Clients would expect that partners and the people in the company would treat them well. It is important to show that the partners are driven out of pure passion and it is their joy to serve the clients through their passions and interests. This will be guaranteed through the partners’ initiative to meet the clients wherever they prefer the meeting place

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