Discrimination, Racial, Ethnic, And Racial Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination is treating a person or a group of people differently or unjustly compared to another person or group. Discrimination is majorly based on racial, ethnic, or cultural specifications. Currently, it manifests in much hidden ways as compared to the past decades. Such cultural and ethnic oriented prejudices have proved hard to eliminate in various societies despite appreciable human programs, legislations and the many years of activism mainly intended to promote an understanding on diversity (Morris & Fiske, 2009). Various work settings that have workers of diverse ethnic and racial specifications experience related discrimination manifesting from different angles. This paper intends to explore a case study of such prejudices and outline probable implications of this vice.
Summary of Prejudice Example
Hassan is a worker in a certain finance company that has approximately thirty workers. These workers are from diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial orientations. The company believes in equity and the manager always states that they employ workers based on qualifications and that he would never accept any kind of discrimination within the company. However, Hassan, on his view defines some aspects of racial prejudice that were eminent in the company. He argues that other workers always had a cold feeling towards him and his relation with them is strained. He feels that he is often a victim of mistreatment even though minor and may not be considered within…

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