Discrimination Against Immigration Essay

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Discrimination against Immigrants
Although America has had its fair share of discrimination in the past, discrimination still persists and has become a cancer spreading deep into the root of America’s mantra of all men are created equal. America claims it’s a “melting pot” or a “nation of immigrants”, but we don’t willingly accept immigrants here in the United States. Discrimination in America is illegal but it is still widespread. Immigrants are usually seen as a threat, are treated unfairly, and are discriminated against. Immigrants come to the United States wanting to seek a new home but instead they are told to assimilate, blamed for economic crises, and told to be deported back to their country.
The status held by immigrants confer an
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In the article America’s Immigration crisis: Examining the Necessity of comprehensive Immigration reform, Brandon explores the necessity of comprehensive immigration reform. He demonstrates this by using government tough laws on immigration in order to ascertain that immigration is an economic necessity in America. The workers’ immigration laws that grant foreigner employment visa proves that there are at least some skills sets unavailable in America. “Immigrants, with their language skills and international linkages, open new, global business and trade opportunities” Without the necessary skills required by employers, employing native workers will be a wasteful task. The author focuses on immigration in general without speaking of its negative consequences. On the other hand, Edo argues that “immigration induces adverse employment effect because employment of immigrants make lowering of wages possible”. Native workers are unable to work these low wage jobs because of their economic needs. Native workers who have based their living conditions on their current wages would be disadvantaged if their wages are reduced. “Employers could hire foreign workers to fill niches in lower-skilled jobs” Immigrants looking for a better living condition in America would be willing to accept lower payment for their services because it will be better than their previous status quo regardless of the low wages …show more content…
According to the immigration debate: economic impact written by Wallace, Kretmanm and Strogatz, they argue that immigrants do not pay federal taxes, yet enjoy healthcare, food assistance program etc. Andrew el al explores federal taxes in order to show that immigrants negatively impact the economy. In addition, they argue that immigrants benefit education as citizens do which causes shortage for citizens. Americans feel as though immigrants take and not give but this is not true. As opposed to Andrew’s argument that immigrants do not pay taxes, these people pay taxes and file for tax returns like citizens do. On the other said of the debate to Andrew et al argue “Most immigrant workers receive their payments in cash, and therefore, are not subject to federal tax deductions. If they do pay federal taxes, it is because they acquire fraudulent information, and their wages are usually so low that their contributions are insignificant.” Much of what immigrant workers earn contributes back into the economy through daily their purchases and their low wages, which cut prices for American

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