Essay on Discipline As A Distinct Discipline

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In order to define Nursing as a distinct discipline, one must first identify the parameters for classification as a discipline. The word discipline in and of itself has been defined in multiple different ways. For example, Parse defines discipline as “a branch of knowledge ordered through the theories and methods evolving from more than one worldview of the phenomenon of concern” (McEwen, p.4) while the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines discipline as simply “a field of study” (, 2015). For the purposes of this paper, the definition of discipline used is that of Donaldson & Crowley. They defined discipline as “a unique perspective, a distinct way of viewing all phenomena, which ultimately defines the limits and nature of its inquiry” (Hayne, 1992).
Since the days of Florence Nightingale in the 1850s, the major controversies surrounding categorizing nursing as an individual discipline resulted from two major areas – the lack of organization and individualized theory. Great advancements and well-defined parameters have emerged in both areas of contention. First, nursing has become much more organized than it was at its inception. In the United States a system of Nursing Registration has been created in an effort to standardize the field. Today, when one uses the term “nurse” they are generally referring to a Registered Nurse. In order to become a Registered Nurse, a degree is required. Currently, the requirement for the title Registered Nurse is an…

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