Disadvantages Of Kidnapping

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Missing, a word that no one wants to hear when it comes to friends or loved ones. Throughout the years the amount of people disappearing has become an increasingly horrific problem. This problem affects our community and country everyday,but people still wonder how to prevent this and how to get these missing people back home.
In the kidnapping world, there are three different types. One type is Family Kidnapping in which a child or person is abducted by a family member. Most of the time when a family member kidnaps another member of the family it is for a good reason. On the other hand, there are also many unjustified reasons for them to take them. Another type of kidnapping is called Acquaintance Kidnapping which means a child
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It is mostly children and teens who go missing more rather than adults due to their vulnerability. Adults don’t get taken as often as children and teen because they are not as intellectually sheltered as most children are ,and they also have most of an ability to fight back. Although most think that when these kids go missing it is because they are abducted, but most of the kids who go missing are in fact runaways. Even with most of these kids being runaways there are still a great percentage of children who are abducted (NISMART1) says that 42% of these abducted children live with single parents. Some may believe that in a single parent household the child or children don’t get as much attention as the ones who live within a double parent household. This makes them more targeted by the offenders because there is only one parent able to provide and work other than to keep an eye on their child 24/7. Most of these people who are being abducted are teens. These teens feel alone and don’t see any harm in disappearing for a while even if it is with a total stranger. Some teens believe it is better to be with a complete stranger than with their parents, because they believe the stranger understands them much more than their parents. These teens feel alone and under appreciated, so they seek other attention from other people. Although most of these people are abducted there …show more content…
One example of the precautions you can take is to explain to your children who they can trust and who they cannot. When children are young they are more gullible to falling for abductors tricks. You should also set boundaries for your children on where they can go and when. If you set these boundaries early then they will gradually understand as to why you set these boundaries. This will protect them in the end even if they do not like them. You could also have family talks with your children to let them know you are there for them and to give them an opportunity to tell you anything they need to tell you such as; someone messaging them, someone bullying them, or if someone is taking a special interest in your child. This will keep you involved with your child, and they will not feel so alone. You can also make sure that your child knows you love and support them. This will increase your child’s confidence in your relationship with that child. Another idea is to make your children memorize their address and your phone numbers. If your child knows these things then if anything does happen they will have the information to make it back home. You can decrease the online time you child has due to most children find their abductor online and feel a connection with them so that they feel the need to be with them. Also you should tell your children of

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