The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

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Our minds are very powerful but artificial intelligence can become just as powerful and be more dominant. Artificial intelligence (AI) are slowly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Powerful developments are creating smart computer systems. Computer systems are becoming self-managed such as “dumb” computers will become more intelligent because “autonomic computing” will replace it. In addition, the public needs to keep up with technology to stay productive and relevant in the world.
It is very simple for a computer to solve problems but its execution is difficult. Firstly the computer or robot gathers facts about a situation via sensors or human input. The computer will compare the information to store data and decides what the information signifies. Thereafter the computer will decide which action it should take that will turn out to be more successful based on the information gathered. Though the computer can only solve problems it's programmed to solve as it does not have any general analytical ability (Tom Harris: 2015).
A robot can only know to repair itself because of a loss of performance and not because it can feel it has lost a part of itself. The robot then uses trial and error to figure which part of itself
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In addition The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is starting a program that develops a hypersmart computer that learns and adapts. It is supposed to maintain itself, evaluate its performance, make changes and respond to different conditions. Artificial intelligence is used in facial recognition, audio recognition, and many other places where imagery has to be identified to match a certain type of object. This allows social media to find out who is inside pictures, and also for security purposes. AI technology is a step in the right direction for organizations to stay competitive and

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