Disadvantage Of Smartphones On Teenagers And The General Public

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Disadvantage of Smartphones

Sudarshan Poudel

Thesis: Disadvantage of smartphones on teenagers and the general public.
Audience: People who use smartphones.
Purpose: To reduce the usage of smartphones.

Professor Ice
ENGL 1301 71012
Date: 6 October 2014

Disadvantage of Smartphones
Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a mobile device? I believe most of the people have a mobile device such as smartphone. When we wake up in the morning till we go to bed at night, we consistently use our smartphones. Most of our time is spend using Facebook, playing games such as Candy Crush, and chatting with people. Regardless of the advantages a cell phone can provide to people, in my opinion, the disadvantages weigh more.
A Japanese firm NTT Docomo released the first smartphone in 1999 to archive mass adoption within the country. (Rose) A smartphone in comparison to other mobile device contains advance features such as high-speed Internet connectivity, good camera and video technology, better graphics, and many more. Before smartphones were developed, global communication was slower. Nowadays, the instant message and talk feature through Facebook, Skype, and Viber has helped immensely in globalization.
On the contrary, smartphones are now an addiction. Many people use smartphone just for the sake of using it. Even when I am writing this essay, I opened my smartphone many times just to check Facebook. After each paragraph I wrote, I played a game of “Candy Crush”. In class, I open my…

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