Cell Phones Affect Society

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Almost everyone has them. They come in many shapes and sizes. The cost of them depends on the brand, but they all serve the same purpose. Cell phones are used to communicate with others and even people in different countries. They have many functions and apps that people use to entertain themselves, but cell phones have impacted society tremendously in the past 10 years. They have affected every age group from toddlers to senior citizens. Although cell phones have positively affected society, they have also affected the world negatively. Cell phones have affected driving, a student’s learning experience, and people’s social skills. To begin with, those who drive while texting can change their whole life in a second. When someone utilizes their …show more content…
Because technology has improved more students have become more attached to their phones. Cell phones have many apps in which a student could get distracted. Cell phones can access apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and students love to stay updated with everything going on that even during school they will access them. Also students tend to reply to their friends as soon as they get a message. Considering some teachers do not allow students to use their cellphones, students will get even more distracted trying to use their phones while trying not to get caught. In a study performed by experimenters, students who texted during a slide show over information they would be later quizzed on scored lower than those who did not text during the presentation (Froese, Carpenter, et al.). Although students can argue and say they do not miss information in PowerPoint presentations, they do. While the presentation is going on they could miss key points that will help them later on. It is important that students put their full attention on the teacher to avoid any confusion and to keep good grades. A student can simply turn off their cell phone to avoid any temptation. Overall, because technology has improved students find it far more interesting what is going on on twitter than about a

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