Digital Technology Has Become An Integrated Part Of Everyday Life

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Digital technology has become an integrated part of everyday life. With 88% of Americans accessing the internet on a daily basis, it is hard to remember a time when going online was not a commonplace event. The majority of teenagers of the 21st century will never know what it was like to not have instant information or connections at their fingertips. Teens are using digital media to connect with their world through music, images, and video. They are not only the early adopters of new media platforms, they are also responsible for creating new online content. To be an effective youth services librarian in a modern library, it is crucial to understand how teens are using digital technology in order to meet their information needs. According to data compiled by, In North America, 93% of teens age 15-17 use mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to do most of their online activities. Clocking nearly 200 minutes per day on these devices, this is more than any other age group. Adolescents use their devices to connect to a number of social media sites, each serving a different purpose. Common Sense Media did some research into the most common social media sites teens are using, besides Facebook. While the majority of the time is spent texting, the most common apps used for text communications are Kik and WhatsApp. Facebook and Tumblr are popular social media blogging sites. They allow the users to upload any type of media, as well as like, share, comment,…

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