Digital Media And Its Impact On Education Essay

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Digital media and technology are a way of life in America, so it is no surprise that instructors and education reformers are turning to more and more of it. Instructors can incorporate images and videos into a lesson or use a simulation program that resembles a video game; the possibilities seem endless. The bandwagon approach to education reform brought about countless new digital products and programs, but the effectiveness and unintended consequences of these tools and methods are still being analyzed. While device technology and programs may enhance teaching and learning experiences, school administrators should proceed cautiously when choosing and implementing new technologies. Over the last century, every generation envisioned profound reforms in education by using radio, movies, machines, and broadcasts as teaching aids. Thomas Edison wholeheartedly supported the use of motion pictures for educational purposes and even predicted that they would replace textbooks almost completely. Device technology and the Internet are simply newer tools, but many education experts and reformers insist that new technologies are the magic Band-Aid for low to average test scores and unmotivated students. The hopes, ideas, and predictions from one generation to the next are so similar that any gadget could fill in the blank, and the rhetoric would sound the same. This information-age technology could very well be the same repetitious cycle with an enormous price tag. As…

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