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The Suggestions by John Boynton

John Boynton’s article “Digital marketing: The power to be emotive” was published in the August 17, 2015 issue of Marketing Magazine. Through this article, John discusses how the effective digital marketing impacts positively on prompting consumer repeat purchase decision. He emphasizes that marketers need to maintain the intimacy, and increase the brand awareness to avoid achieving results that are less effective than the optimal target marketing. According to him, the consumers’ changes in social habits are a key point to lead positive purchasing decisions, therefore, the marketers need to focus on improving digital marketing strategy as a part of the media mix based on the result of a study of consumer attitudes
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How often do you change your job? I think I am a consumer who behave clearly to the brands. To explain why the marketers need to develop the effective digital marketing strategy, the unlimited email and text messages should be a great example from my various experiences to the digital marketing.

I have been exhausted with repeating emails and a lot of digital messages. To this, I prevent myself by setting up the email address to a spam email, and refuse to receive any text advertisement. Besides of these experiences, I tend to avoid rejoining to the email confirming request when purchasing. Yet, I am satisfied by participating in surveys in the grocery or drugstore. This is because I believe that it is a valuable opportunity to receive rewards such as discount coupons or online discount
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while using the internal Key Performance Indicator guides marketers to target-setting, the reinventing Channel Role including multiple channel is to engage in promotional activities in terms of marketing. Therefore, since I have found that the digital marketing is significantly important due to the environment changes, I recommend the marketers add the digital marketing into the media mix, use the internal Key Performance Indicator, and develop the Channel Role including multiple channel in order to increase the digital marketing impacts

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