Digital Learning And The Education System Essay

932 Words Apr 13th, 2015 4 Pages
In the modern education system, digital learning is a major focus in order to improve and enhance the deeper learning among the students. In many K-12 schools in the United States, it is assured that every student has his own tablet through which students can easily get assistance in completing their assignments. As technology has altered almost every area of human life, there is an imperative need of upgrading our education system according to modern technological needs as well. To meet the economical and technological challenges of the world, the digital learning approach is been greatly emphasized. Digital learning, according to research, can be very effective to promote deeper learning and boost the academic achievements of students. Along with various advantages of digital learning, some health, financial and cyber-ethical issues are also associated with the use of digital classroom tools like tablets, computers etc
As the focus of today’s generation is growing more and more towards the use of digital tools, the idea of using these tools as a mode of teaching can work wonders. Due to greater amount of interest in technology, children can find it exciting to work on their assignments online and learn through creativity. As Brian Handwerk, a freelancer writer based in Amherst, New Hampshire, explained in his report for National Geographic News that, “Students saw learning gains after as little as 20 minutes of study on the iPad, the research found, and if supported with…

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