Differentiation Of Instruction Meet The Needs Of Your Students And Help Them Their Potential

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1. How does Differentiation of instruction meet the needs of your students and help them reach their potential? Differentiation of instruction is when the teacher meets the students where they are and accepts them with their diverse strengths and weaknesses. It is important for the teacher to get to know each of his or her students because every student is different and they will need various things in order to succeed in his or her educational career. Differentiation is typically intermixed within the lesson plan or unit as needed for learners and is a more effective way to impart growth and comprehension for the students. The goal of differentiation is dependent upon what the learner 's goals are for lesson success and there is no right or wrong way to differentiate learning. Content, which is what the teacher wants the students to learn, can be differentiated by varying texts or supplemental materials, using tape-recorded materials or using the jigsaw method for a group of students. Process, which are activities using skills to make sense of the content, can be varied by using anchor activities, exit cards, or with homework assignments. Lastly, products will allow the student to demonstrate to the teacher what he or she has learned. Some basic ways that differentiation helps teachers to meet the needs of their students is to allow the students ' to exercise a choice, exercising the multiple intelligence theory and using grouping strategies for the students.…

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