Essay on Different Types Of Vitamin Pills And Nutrition Supplements

1190 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
It is easy to find many different types of vitamin pills and nutrition supplements in grocery stores and pharmacies. According to the authors of Eat for Life, Woteki and Thomoas, “About 45 percent of the adult men and 55 percent of the adult women in the United States take a vitamin or mineral supplement either regularly or occasionally” (119). People may think that taking dietary supplements can increase their overall health, so they start taking multivitamins or specific vitamin pills such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B, or Omega 3 without understanding the supplements they are consuming. However, taking vitamin pills and other nutritional supplements is not effective in terms of increasing overall health unless they are used appropriately, and they actually can be harmful to a person’s body. People do not need to take vitamin pills because they can meet their nutritional needs from a healthy diet. According to the doctor Virginia Vivian, “Nature has helped us out tremendously by giving our bodies the ability to get almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals we need from logical food consumption” (as cited in Louis Vaughn, 1988). Therefore, a healthy individual has no need to take vitamin pills. Furthermore, there is a common misunderstanding about vitamins. People incorrectly believe that they can fulfill the nutrient that they are lacking and can become healthier by taking them. However, vitamin supplements are not intended to replace the nutrition that people get from…

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