Essay on Different Types Of Integrated Curriculum

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Introduction Throughout this course we have analyzed the four different types of integrated curriculum, intradisciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary. Discussed the importance of in integrated curriculum and created a unit plan with three integrated lessons using the interdisciplinary pathway. Education is changing. Thus our approach to teaching and learning needs to be adjusted as well. The nature of the real world, the one we are to be preparing our students, requires students to be able to use a variety of skills and knowledge learned from different disciplines. Bringing in collaborative learning, problem-based learning and instruction “which brings more than one discipline together to address a specific issues or solve real-world problems” (Chae Mi, Wyatt, Mariotz and Browning-Samoni, 2012, p. 6). With anything we do, the process is not over once it is produced and used, it needs to be evaluated. There are different ways to evaluate a unit or a lesson, using action research, big data analytics or Kirkpatric’s Four-Level Evaluation Model, I will discuss the one I foresee working the best in evaluating my developed integrated curriculum.
Part 1: Curricular Evaluation When we produce a new lesson or even an entire unit, we need to evaluate if it was effective, if the students learned what we intended them to learn, and if not, how do we ensure they will next time. From the different evaluation methods, action research seems to be the…

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