Essay about Different Types Of First Dates

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You are sitting across from a wonderful person you met on Tinder. The lights are dim, fancy music plays in the background, and as you look down to place your napkin you notice your clothing. As much as you tried to look the part you weren’t really expecting this sort of date, you were expecting something more informal. Although, what could you expect from a person whose Tinder profile was filled with refined tastes. Despite this being the first time you see each other you can already tell that the other is looking for a more personal and longer relationship. You, on the other hand, are not ready for that type of relationship, and now are stuck trying to find a way out. All this could have been prevented if you knew the different types of first dates and what each one meant. The different types of dates include the average coffee dates, the weekday warrior dates, the classic dinner dates, the adventurous high-energy dates, the group dates, the simple movie dates, and the informal bar dates. The most common type of date would be your average coffee date which is when you and your suitor go out and just get a cup of joe. These dates usually have no time commitment because either of you can leave whenever you want. Usually this type of dates are known as the “get to know you” (“Isn’t it Romantic?”) date since they normally involve small talk with ordinary questions such as: “What is your favorite color?”, “Do you like…”, “Would you ever….”, and so on. This is done so…

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