Different Perspectives Of Health And Health Essay

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4. Explain the FOUR different approaches to health. Which one do you feel is a prevalent or dominant paradigm in promoting health in Canadian society? Explain why. Illustrate your answer with a current social/environmental problem or social/environmental issue.

The social sciences offer an enlarged understanding of the scope of health studies and health policy. In particular, sociology & political science have identified and investigated critical questions about the different meanings of health, the influence of public policy upon the organization and delivery of health care services, and upon the other factors that affect health. Paradigms, the ways we understand health, range from traditional concerns about clinical health care to an emphasis upon the economic, political, and social forces that shape the organization and delivery of health care services and related public policies that determine the health of a population. In total, the paradigms have been classified into 4 broad categories: Medical, behavioural/lifestyle, socio-environmental and structural

The medical paradigm defines health as the absence of disease and/or disability. The primary health issues in this paradigm are defined in terms of disease categories and physiological risk factors. Disease categories are professionally defined/diagnosed, and here is a cause-and-effect relationship. The paradigm is focused on physical symptoms and clinical outcomes through interventions. An example is a person getting…

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