Different Forms Of Depression Hiding Out There Essay examples

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There are many different forms of depression hiding out there. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. The one I see most is in my mother. It is harder and slightly easier to see it now then it was to see it when I was younger. My mother has a great excuse for being unable to handle reality, in her opinion. As her child of course I see it in a different light.

I am the typical oldest child. I have two younger sisters that I was stuck helping my mom with since it was just us. I felt at a young age that I had to grow up fast because she needed me. This led to quite a bit of issues between us. She wanted a child that she could tell to do something and they would do it immediately…. well that’s my sisters not me. I had a slight chip on my shoulder when it came to her telling me what to do. It took me a long time to realize why.

When my mother was in one of her good moods she would take us girls to the movies and out to eat even though we for sure didn’t have the money to spare. That kind of thing didn’t register with her. However, when she was depressed it was hard to get her out of bed and moving. I remember there were times that she would just start getting angry for no reason and throwing a fit then hiding in her room for hours on end. I didn’t understand what was going on as a child. All I knew was that she had issues. Issues that caused her to be unreasonable at all times. She was unable control her moods and behaviors at all. Another big thing was that she had a…

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