The Other Wes Moore: Book Report

The title of the book is “The Other Wes Moore” written by Wes Moore. The book mostly tells how these two boys with the same name had two different fates.
The book was about two boys who had the same name and grew up close to each other.
They both grew up fatherless and had different childhoods. Both Wes Moore’s hung out with their crews and both Wes Moore’s got locked up at one point of their lives. The author Wes had more support than the other Wes. The author Wes had good role models like his mother and mentors that he had along the way. He even had his grandparents support. The other Wes looked up to his older brother who was a drug dealer. The other Wes didn’t have a lot of support on his shoulders. The other Wes had his mother Mary but
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That was important in society and many of them do not achieve it so education is Very important.
The author wanted to change the way things are going for young people now. He wants young people to learn from their mistakes and do better in life. He wants us to get a good education. The environment a person is around can change their whole life. In the book “The
Other Wes Moore” Wes was badly influenced by his older brother Tony. He wanted to be like
Tony even though Tony didn’t want him to be like him he wanted tony to be better than
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In the book “The
Other Wes Moore “The author Wes had high expectations to live up to. His mother wanted to see great things from him the people he mentored and his grandparents even his sisters. They were all there for him. The grandparents showed they were there by giving the author Wes mother money for military school. When he started acting up his mother sent him to military school and changed his life all the way around. Wes was sent to military school because he was playing and hit his baby sister in the lip and she snitched on him. However the other Wes didn’t really have that much support. His mother cared about him but didn’t really stay on him like the author Wes mother did. He also had his brother but his brother wasn’t leading by example. His brother was a drug dealer you can’t set expectations for someone when you don’t have any for yourself so he followed his brother Footsteps. Education is important because it gives you a chance to decide what you want to do in the future and it takes up you’re your time so you won’t be running in the streets. It keeps you preoccupied. Education gives you

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