Different Aspects Of Project Management, And Skills That Can Be A Better Team Member

997 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout the course, I learned different aspects of project management, and skills that can be used in the everyday life as long as involve interacting with other people. In this class I learned about how to be a better team member. This semester I was reminded of how important communication is and how people need to keep emphasizing it as one of the most important skills any person could possesses. The personality test was useful, I think it gave all of us a good way to start to see how everyone is different. It made it easier for each of us to better understand one another in how our unique personalities can be a challenge when working with others. Another aspect that was covered in class was solving conflicts, this is big and it is essential because everyone needs to know how to deal with problems in their life. I learned how it is important to acknowledge that each person has a different style and they deal with conflicts differently which means that an individual must be aware of how he or she usually deals with conflict and try to understand how others might see his/her personality when it’s different than their own.
Additionally, when it comes to communication I saw how important it is to do public speaking. I strongly dislike public speaking, but I am working to improve my skills in that area because I know how much it’s needed in the workplace. There were many of my classmates who are graduating at the same time as me and it seems like we all have a lot to…

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