Compare And Contrast Maya And Inca

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What group do you think is the oldest Mayan, Aztec, or Inca? The Mayan,aztec,and Inca is the oldest civilization in Mesoamerica. These civilizations have many similarities, but many differences between there empire and their lifestyle .I Have been studying these groups for 2 months and in this essay will talk about the Maya, Inca, and the Aztecs, and how they're similar and different. As I was studying the 3 different civilisations these last couple months I realized they all had numerous things in common. I will be talking about how they were conquered, there sacrifices,there ruler,and their main meal. The Inca, Aztec, and the Maya all were conquered by the Spanish in the 1500. The Inca was defeated by the Spanish in 1572 AD, also the …show more content…
This empire was very thoughtful about their empire and created many things to help the empire, they created their own islands, believed there were 5 aged of suns, lastly, had their own board game. The Aztec didn't really have a lot of land so they created artificial islands, to farm on. The islands were called “Chinampas.” They made them by scraping mud from the bottom of the water and piled it in mounds mixed with reeds. Then drove wooden posts or planted willow trees to hold the island in place. The Aztec believed in many things, but here's a major one. The Aztec believed that there were 5 ages or sun in the life time of the world. Each stage was a god, the first god is named Tezcatlipoca, the next was Quetzalcoatl, the third god was Tlaloc, the second to last is the Chalchiuhtlicue, Finally the last was Nahuatl. All the gods somehow died, that's why there were 5 suns. The Aztecs didn't just sit around all day they had to have played games, well that is very true. The Aztecs created a game that was called “Patolli” this was a board game. How they played was on a board divided into squares. The players threw beans marked with dots (similar to dice), moved colored stones across the squares, and made bets about who would win. Some people lost so much money by gambling at Patolli that they had to sell themselves as slaves to pay the debt. Patolli sound like a fun game would you try it? This game is almost like monopoly which we have today for our

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