Aztec Culture Vs Mayan Culture Essay

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The Aztecs and the Mayans had similar yet different ways to define the gender in their cultures. The Aztecs culture was divided into many classes and while it was hard for individuals to move up the ranks there was a few that had the opportunity. For the most part many of them started as farmers and remain in that position through out life. The ones that were into trade had a better opportunity to become affluent. Their parents did most of the education during the early years of life and school started in their late teens. The females were thought to do religious ceremonies and the boys were trained fighting techniques but both groups would learn the basics of public speaking, history, religion, morals and recital skills. The Mayan culture was very focused on religion but unlike the Aztecs they practiced sacrifices very …show more content…
The male dominance overpowered the women even if the cultures glorified class and religion. The Aztec culture was divided in classes and that made it easier for individuals to just focus on their personal life and their own success including their family. If women inherit wealth, that individual would be part of a high social group. On the other hand, the Mayan men were focus on providing for their women and not really interested in moving to a higher class but more of idolizing their gods. The Mayan Women didn’t really have the opportunity earn power because they were just suppose to provide for their men and if necessary make blood sacrifices for their husbands at war. The Aztec women would join the male’s family and she would either, defend her husband at war, become a farmer, join his trade or simply be part of her husbands social class. The Mayans made sure that both families contributed to the wedding because they more focus on the ritual and their gods rather than the idea of unity as a

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