Hispanic Gender Roles

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American and Hispanic Views on Gender Roles Throughout all of history men and women have always been told what roles they are supposed to play within their culture since a very young age. Whether it is the American or Hispanic culture, women have always had a much lower and weaker role than men have; this means that women are the weaker sex. Since they aren’t as independent as they should be, women aren’t always the head of the household. However, in the American culture women are able to become the head of the household even though they are still the weaker sex. Men in both cultures are the dominant sex because they are able to be a lot more independent than women and therefore are almost always the head of the household; in rare cases American men will not be the head of the household due to reasons such as not working. In Hispanic culture, just as in American and other cultures, females differ from the males. For …show more content…
It’s different in the fact that both the female and male can be the money makers of the house. For example, unlike Hispanic women, many American women are able to go into the work force. The women usually end up in jobs that are less difficult than the ones men do. For example, a woman will get a job in real estate or something that will involve working in an office while the man will get a job in construction, plumbing, and such. It is in fact rare for American women to be stay at home moms. They usually hire a nanny or take their children to a day care, a place where a person other than the child’s legal guardian cares for the child, while the parents are at work. American men are similar to Hispanic men because they also have to work. In some rare cases the male is a stay at home dad. One of the main reasons for a male to become a stay at home dad is that he was fired from his job. The man will stay at home and care for his children while also looking for a

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