Differences in Competencies Between Associate Degree and Bacculaurate Degree

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Differences in competencies between nurses with associate degree verses baccalaureate degree level

Is there a difference in the thinking and processing of a nurse with baccalaureate degree and associate degree? According to the researches that were done in the past, there are difference in competencies between Baccalaureate nursing and associate nursing. Performance in nursing care by well educated nursing is higher than one with lesser education.

A role of nursing is to help provide healthy and safe environment So that a person can live in an optimal health. Practice of nursing requires good theoretical understanding of health, diseases and their management. It would also need competence in technical skills, critical thinking
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Baccalaureate degree nurses also perform more competencies than associate or diploma nursing. According to studies behavior of the more educated nurses exhibited more independence and ego strength.
More educated nurses are more confident and able to fulfill the responsibilities. They have more competence of coaching, mentoring and they are able to train others to take more responsibilities. Their role of assessing, communicating, providing care, has higher satisfaction rate than nurses with associate degree. That increases the satisfaction rate of the patients, which is the main component that every hospital or health institutions are looking for in present days.. More educated nurses reflect upon their thoughts, feeling, action and their consequences. They also develop self-help behavior and accept their responsibility for their judgments. Additionally they adapt an advocacy role, along with adapting changes easily and changing the practice accordingly.
For example, if you have a group of nurses with an associate degree and a baccalaureate degree in the unit, and need to present a different approach of taking care of the critically ill patients. Nurses who have more education will adopt the new way faster and accept it easier than nurses who have a 2year education. This is because they have more self confidence and more ego strength. Years of experience are also a main factor when you measure the

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