Differences Between Windows And Linux Essay

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At the core of any modern computer, tablet, smartphone or other computing device lies the operating system. The operating system is the piece of software that controls the computer’s foundational processes. It facilities the interaction of hardware and software, and between the user and the system. Microsoft’s Windows is perhaps the most well-known operating system, however the lesser known Linus is nevertheless an important operating system that along with Windows and Apple’s iOS has shaped the evolution of computer technologies. This paper will explore compare main differences between Windows and Linux. This paper will also illustrate how these differences have lead Linux to become the operating system of choice for web hosting and data center servers, while windows is extremely prevalent in the consumer and household market.

To begin to understand the differences between the Windows and Linux operating systems it is important to understand the fundamentals of how each operating system operates and the principles that guide their implementation. One of the most substantial of these differences is issue of access to the source code. Linux is known as open source, which means users have full access to the source code that comprises the operating system. Windows on the other hand is fully closed source which means its source code is cannot be access by the user. Window’s source code is protected both technologically and legally.

Linux 's open source status is a defining…

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