Differences Between Europe And Europe Essay examples

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Since the end of the colonial age, European and American customs, practices, political ideas, and cuisines have steadily drifted apart. While largely similar, it is the proverbial devil in the details that marks the subtle but profound differences between both. While one could fill several text books with these subtle difference, not the least reason for which there are so many European countries, this essay will delineate a lesser debated difference. That difference being the working habits and norms of Europeans VS Americans. Now, for economy of wording I will group European countries thusly: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, southern Europe, and Northern Europe. While these countries all identify as European, their differences in societal norms tend to be quite pronounced. With that said, I will begin with Western Europe, which is arguably most like the USA in many ways.

Compare Contrast Work Habits USA VS. Europe

Data referenced (e.g. Laura Bridgestock, Top-Universities 2014) shows that the average American works around 1,700 hours a year. This translates into slightly less than thirty three hours a week. However, regional differences exist and in a country as large and populous as the USA the examples of the hours being substantially more or less are legion. In addition, the USA is the only developed country in the world that does not legally require their employers to provide any vacation days whatsoever. Contrast this with Germany, Western Europe’s richest and most…

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