Cultural Differences In Western Civilization

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Rome and Greece were two fascinating ancient worlds that played a big roll in Western Civilization. They had very similar cultures. Similarities between these worlds included gods, architecture, and art. Despite their similar cultures geography was different. Differences in geography included location, water sources, and land. The interesting cultural similarities between Greece and Rome were not heavily affected by the geographic differences.

Culture was very important in the Greek and Roman worlds it played a large part in civilization. Both cultures valued gods. The Greeks and the Romans worshiped the same gods and had the same mythology. They also went to places of worship that were very similar architecture the only difference is the name. The Greeks called their place of worship the Pantheon and the Romans called their place of worship the Pantheon. Greeks and Romans made beautiful sculpture art as a way to worship their gods. They also sculpt people and made mosaics of
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Rome was hilly and had very good soil. Greece did not, Greece was mountainous and had bad soil. Greece and Rome also relied on different water sources. Greece got their water from the Mediterranean and Rome got water from the Tiber River. These two places also had different locations. Rome is located in the center of Italy far from the ocean. Greece however is located right on the water and even has some islands. I love looking at the deep and amazing contrast between these two ancient worlds.

Although Greece and Rome have many geological differences their similarities are not affected. Gods, art, and architecture are all very interesting cultural similarities between Ancient Greece and Rome. These ancient worlds differed in in physical features in land, location, and sources of water. In conclusion Rome and Greece, two fascinating ancient worlds were very similar and different yet they both made

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