European Influence On American Culture

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When the Europeans came to the Americas they left a profound impact on Native American cultures. The reciprocal of that is how the Europeans were also affected by this colliding of cultures. All though the Europeans culture effected the Native American culture in a mostly harmful, and negative way. I believe it was for the greater good, and the establishment of this nation.
The Europeans stumbled across the America’s in search for a quicker passage to India, their interests quickly changed into greed. In the words of Hernan Cortez “we Spanish suffer from a strange disease of the heart, for which the only know remedy is gold”. This quote aptly applies to all the early European nations that came to the Americas, for they all sought wealth
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The native Americans showed the incoming European settlers how to farm things like corn, and potatoes. In addition, to this they showed the Europeans how to hunt and fish the new game in the Americas. They also traded fur in times of peace with the Europeans. Another huge impact on both cultures would have to be language. Because there was a need to communicate many words are now shared between both cultures. Tensions grew as the European’s continued to colonize the America’s causing the Native Americans to become hostile towards them. Because of constant threat of Indian raids, the colonies became more tight knit. This cohesiveness allowed the Europeans to fend off more threats and laid the ground work for unity which would later be required in order for America to gain her independence from the …show more content…
By no means am I making a case for the innumerable grievances caused by colonization, all I am stating is that without it we wouldn’t be where we are now. Because the Europeans were successful in their conquest of the America’s it spurred them to explore more of it and establish colonies. All though we lost certain Native American tribes due to the European influence the progress that was made propelled the human race as whole forward faster than ever before. From those early settlements grew our mighty nation, I find it highly unlikely we would be as far advanced had those early seeds of colonization not been planted. It played no small part in America becoming the mighty nation that it is today. As history has shown us America became a catalyst for advancement throughout the world. Without America the history of the world would be vastly different, and not necessarily for the better. It is again for this reason I firmly believe it was for the best that European culture won out in the

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